Farm Fresh Beef

Beef Raised Right Here at Home

Cow-Calf Operation
We have recently expanded our cattle facilities to include a cow-calf operation. This means we keep the mama cows year after year with the hopes that they will have a calf each year. We strive to bring good genetics into the herd through the occasional purchase of new cattle and precise selection of quality bulls for artificial insemination.

Each year, we keep the best heifers to add to our herd. Some are even selected as show animals for the local 4-H fairs. Addi, Elle and Maggie spend hours with their cattle preparing them for show. As the show season approaches, each animal is pampered with daily baths, blow drying and walks. They have only been exhibiting cattle for a few years but have already made friendships that will last a lifetime. We encourage you to support your local 4-H or FFA programs any chance you get!

Feeder-Calf Operation
We have also expanded our feeder-calf operation, with a focus on direct consumer marketing. This means we raise any calves that will not be added to the herd permanently, and fatten them to a healthy slaughter weight. We use not only our own cattle, but also other locally sourced feeder calves, including some from Kasey’s family farm in Shelbyville, Illinois. We have focused on selling our beef ready for processing to buyers locally around Champaign.

Our cattle are currently processed at Das Schlacht Haus, located in Arthur, Illinois. Contact us at if you are interested in a quarter, half or full side of farm fresh beef. We can also create a specialized package of hamburger and/or steaks just for you. Check out the Das Schlacht Haus cut sheet and the beef breakdown from the Beef Checkoff program below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about the cut sheet if you are interested. The sheet provides a basic breakdown of how to process an animal, but we can process to meet your needs.