Photo Gallery

A Peak Behind the Scenes at Klein Farms

Using a crane for bin maintenance during the off-season.

Elle and Maggie help keep the unloading area clean between trucks.

Finishing up for the evening!

Deb records the weight of each load and checks the moisture of the corn.

Weighing the load of corn before unloading.

Unloading the combine into the auger wagon.

Waiting out the weather during fungicide application.

Joe and Ben take a break from tractor pulling.

Paul and Alex watch a class while keeping the animals company at the fair.

Check out those ribbons!

Elle enjoys showing Lacy at the Champaign County Fair.

Using a sidedress bar to apply nutrients when the crops need it the most.

The seed tender fills up the planter again!

Bill uses precision technology to plant seed corn.

Employees of all ages participate in CPR training at the farm.